Aden Plants Timeline
   Early in the investigation a timeline was established to fit the pieces together in chronological order. The timeline begins with a pre-1974 period, during which Aden was just beginning to establish himself in hostas. He joined the American Hosta Society in 1970, but had very few hostas at that time according to witnesses. He was first on tour for the AHS in 1974, and a relatively small number of hostas were on display then, most if not all of which were available. There was no evidence of hybridizing. By the next time he was on tour in 1979, his yard was packed with hostas of all ages and he had a hosta-selling business. What's more, at that time the yard was full of plants that no one had seen the like of. This became an enduring mystery that was only solved recently. For those unfamiliar with hosta hybridizing, it is not possible to produce the plants he had in 1979 from where he was in 1974, certainly not to the extent of being able to have enough of them to be selling them.