Spreadsheet of Aden Registrations
Bill Meyer

Link to Spreadsheet

    I have put together a spreadsheet of all the Aden plants. It is sorted in three ways which can be seen using the tabs at the bottom. First is by registration year, then alphabetically by plant name, and finally by probable originator. At the right is the current level of acceptance of those originators.
   The horizontal colors indicate the degree of certainty of who the originator of the plant was. The purple color indicates full agreement by all that those plants belong to the originator at right. The brown color indicates a better than 90% certainty, and the rest are less certain to completely unknown. Where the originator is listed as "K. Vaughn/F. Shaw", the plant is probably from one of the two but we were unable to determine which one because the plants were taken when they were too immature to identify.
   What we have after the ones that were personally identified are still the majority of the Aden registrations. With no evidence or even hint of any hybridizing efforts on Aden's part, these pretty clearly seem to also be the work of others. The remaining ones can be sorted in several groups as follows:
  • Blues of either 'Tokudama' lineage or larger plants of sieboldiana/montana lineage.
  • Golds of 'Tokudama' lineage, small gold sieboldii types, and large golds of sieboldiana/montana lineage
  • A few named green seedlings of various sizes.
  • Variegated seedlings of all types and sizes excluding apparent sports.
  • Apparent sports of solid-color plants. 
   Kevin Vaughn stated that he did not lose any solid blues or golds to Aden other than 'Fragrant Blue' and 'Fragrant Gold'. As we were completely unable to come up with any source for those other than Florence Shaw, who had many plants of all ages dug by Aden on multiple occasions, it seems there is little doubt they came from her garden.
   The green ones are a varied group that includes plants apparently from his trips to Japan, a few undoubtedly from Vaughn like 'Invincible' and 'High Kicker', and some clearly from the Shaw breeding program. As much as we could tell, these were sorted in the spreadsheet by the most likely origin.
   The variegated seedlings are probably hopelessly mixed, but almost certainly all came from either Shaw or Vaughn. Many were acquired by Aden as very young plants and mixed together in his yard. Vaughn stated that he lost no streaked gold seedlings to Aden, so those are attributed to Shaw, who had a special interest in them. Vaughn was able to identify a number of those that were old enough when Aden got them, but the majority presumably were too young to identify with any certainty. For this reason, many of the streaked, margined, and centered seedlings in the Aden registrations are marked as "Shaw/Vaughn" to show that one of them was the originator but we can't tell which.
   Lastly there are the sports of the acquired seedlings, which are the most difficult to figure out. Some probably came from Klehm production of the plants Aden took to them. Others may have come from people who brought them to Aden because he said he would get them into the marketplace for them. Some might even have occurred in Aden's own garden. In determining whose they are an issue comes up regarding who should be credited as the originator of a sport of a plant that was stolen or otherwise acquired illegitimately. The registrar currently has no rule for that situation. These are just marked "Unknown" on the spreadsheet.