"So, I for one can vouch for most of the questions being asked today as being on target. Unfortunately too little too late to help those wronged earlier. What is sad is so many hosta people looked the other way when they should have said something early in the game. Me included."  - Bruce Banyai

   "Here I was a poor graduate student not even able to afford a vehicle when this guy starts telling me about the MILLIONS I can make with this deal he set up with Klehm's. Of course that was of great interest to me and I bought into the lie hook, line and sinker. I can say that I never received a PENNY from him for any of the plants I produced. Worse yet, the hybrids that were my originations were given his names and the pedigrees changed to Aden nonsense so that the provenance of those plants was completely obscured.
   "I should have known that things were amiss from day one. For one, he suggested that I not tell people how to get variegated plants and to "make up the pedigrees". When we toured his garden for the AHS convention in 1983, every label was removed so that he could keep me in the dark that he had changed the names and was selling them under his own name. I walked the yard and showed Mildred Seaver and the Lachmans my hybrids. Of course they had seen a number of these plants in my yard before Aden had removed them, so they knew whose they were.
   "Luckily I have outlived him and can tell both my story and Florence's." - Kevin Vaughn

   "Every time I and others, such as Mark Zilis of Q&Z Nursery, W. George Schmid and Alex Summers, tried to ask Aden probing questions about parentage and originations of hostas he registered, Aden quickly and invariably changed the topic.
   "What is certain is Paul Aden was a master of circumlocution -- and for good reasons. He most often did not know the specific crosses or pedigrees of hostas he registered, especially Florence Shaws's plants." - Warren I. Pollock

   "Back in the 1980s I approached the secretive Aden about the parentage of some of his hostas, which we all knew didn't match his published registrations. With our conversation going nowhere, Aden stunned the room with his reply to my question about how many crosses he had actually made, 'Far fewer than you might think.'" - Tony Avent

But he wrote The Hosta Book, didn't he?

   The Hosta Book appeared in two editions. The first was hard cover and released in 1988, and the second was paperback and released in 1992, featuring a photo of 'Great 
Expectations'. Under the photo on the cover of each, it reads "Edited and Compiled by Paul Aden". Inside are 14 articles, 6 of which are credited to Aden as the author.
   There are rumors that Aden gathered some of the other articles while he was editor of The Hosta Bulletin in 1979. That year was the only year in which the AHS did not produce an issue, leading some to connect the missing issue and the appearance of The Hosta Book some nine years later. Aden, in his acknowledgements in the book states the book was in progress for fifteen years before it was published, so this certainly seems to fit timewise.
   As for the articles therein credited to Aden, the evidence is much clearer. Several different ghost writers were known to have written those, including W. George Schmid, Andre Viette, and Warren Pollock. 
   The bio Aden submitted for the front of the book reads:
   Paul Aden Compiler and editor; landscape designer and consultant; author of many magazine articles; recipient of many distinguished awards; lectures, conducts workshops, and seeks new plants internationally; radio and television appearances; specialty is variegated "easy-care" landscape plants; currently, working as consultant in developing and marketing new plants for the leading perennial nurseries.