H. aequinoctiiantha
H. albofarinosa
H. alismifolia
H. calliantha
H. capitata
H. cathayana
H. clausa var. clausa
H. clausa var. ensata
H. clausa var. normalis
H. clausa var. stolonifera
H. clavata
H. crassifolia
H. densa
H. fluctuans
H. gracillima
H. hypoleuca
H. ibukiensis
H. jonesii
H. kikutii var. caput-avis
H. kikutii var. kikutii f. leuconota
H. kikutii var. kikutii
H. kikutii var. polyneuron
H. kikutii var. tosana
H. kikutii var. yakusimensis
H. kiyosumiensis
H. laevigata
H. longipes f. hypoglauca
H. longipes f. sparsa
H. longipes f. viridipes
H. longipes var. caduca
H. longipes var. latifolia
H. longipes Pt1
H. longipes Pt2
H. longissima var. longifolia
H. longissima var. brevifolia
H. minor
H. montana Pt 1
H. montana Pt 2
H. montana Pt3 f. macrophylla var. ovatolancifolia
H. nakaiana
H. nigrescens
H. okamotoi
H. pachyscapa
H. plantaginea var. japonica
H. plantaginea
H. pulchella
H. pycnophylla
H. rectifolia var. australis
H. rectifolia var. rectifolia f. pruinosa
H. rectifolia Pt 1
H. rectifolia Pt 2
H. rohdeifolia f. viridis
H. rupifraga
H. shikokiana
H. sieboldiana Part 1
H. sieboldiana Part 2
H. sieboldii Pt 1
H. sieboldii Pt 2
H. sieboldii Pt 3
H. takahashii
H. takiensis
H. tardiva
H. tibae
H. tsushimensis
H. ventricosa
H. venusta
H. yingeri


Introduction to the Hosta Species

Part 1: About Species and Species Names
Part 2: Taxonomy and Evolutionary Placement
Part 3: Listing of Species
Part 4: Species Morphology The Different Parts of a Hosta
        4A All About Hosta Morphology: General Principles
       4B All About Plant Size, Rhizome and Roots
         4C All About Petioles, Leaves and Venation
         4D All About Scapes, Racemes, Sterile Bracts, and Fertile Bracts
         4E All About the Hosta Flower and its Parts
         4F All About Hosta Fertility and Reproduction
Part 5: The Genus Hosta with Sub-Genera, and Species
         5A Systematic Summary for Genus and Subgenera
         5B Graphic Keys to Sub-Genera and Species
         5C Habitat and Distribution Maps for Species
Part 6: Description of Individual Species (in left column)

Bee on H. ventricosa Flower photo by W. George Schmid

  W. George Schmid is widely recognized as the world's foremost expert on Hosta species. Born in 1930, he was educated at the University of Munich, and settled in Georgia, United States, as a young man. He lives and gardens there today with his wife Hildegard at a place he calls Hosta Hill.
   George is the author of several books, most notably The Genus Hosta and An Encyclopedia of Shade Perennials. The latter was selected for the American Horticultural Society Book Award. He is also the author of numerous articles, and has several hosta introductions. He also served as the advisor on Hosta species here in the HostaLibrary.
   He has served for many years as the American Hosta Society's Nomenclature Chair and Historian, and is a founding member of the Georgia Hosta Society.