Hosta Species Update
W. George Schmid

Webwork by Bob Axmear

My book, The Genus Hosta - Zoku Giboshi (Portland, Oregon: Timber Press), was published in 1991. Considerable detailed information on Hosta species was included. Now after five printings this reference source is out of print.

In the past fifteen years, the nursery and gardening interests in hostas have grown tremendously and the many hits the Hosta Library gets show this. Also during these years there has been considerable new insight on Hosta species. This updated information needs to be made extensively and easily available to the widest audience so in this Internet day and age, I decided electronic publishing is the best way to do this.

The Hosta Library Web site is the most widely and frequently used medium for information on hostas. Mostly it concerned cultivars. Bob Axmear, the site's masterly Webmaster, and I believe Hosta Library also is the best vehicle for communicating information on Hosta species

Accordingly . . . Hosta Species Update . . . has been launched.

My plan is to pull together the latest scientific information, as well as everything else worth knowing, about Hosta species. Pictures in color many of them will be a most important part of the updates.

This project is a work in progress with no scheduled completion date. Just check in the species table below frequently for names of recently completed species. They will appear in blue and underlined as a link.

I want this feature to be interactive. Tell me what your needs are and suggest improvements. Just e-mail me at

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  Giboshi Zoku

W. George Schmid
Hosta Hill
Tucker, Georgia, USA

Index to the Species Section of The Hosta Library

Part 1:
About Species and Species Names

Part 2:
The Taxonomy of the Genus Hosta
And Evolutionary Placement

Part 3:
Listing of Species

Part 4 Species Morphology All the Different Parts of Hosta

Part 4A
All About Hosta Morphology: General Principles

Part 4B
All About Plant size, Rhizome and Roots

Part 4C
All About Petioles, Leaves and Venation

Part 4D
All About Scapes, Racemes, Sterile Bracts, and Fertile Bracts

Part 4E
All About the Hosta Flower and Its Parts

Part 4F
All About Hosta Fertility and Reproduction

Part 5 The Genus Hosta with Sub-Genera, and Species:

Part 5A
Systematic Summary for Genus and Subgenera

Part 5B
Graphic Keys to Sub-Genera and Species

Part 5C
Habitat and Distribution Maps for Species

Part 6
Description of Individual Species

Description of Individual Species
H. aequinoctiiantha H. albofarinosa H. alismifolia H. calliantha H. capitata H. cathayana H. clausa var. clausa H. clausa var. ensata
H. clausa var. normalis H. clausa var. stolonifera H. clavata H. crassifolia H. densa H. fluctuans H. gracillima H. hypoleuca
H. ibukiensis H. jonesii H. kikutii var. caput-avis H. kikutii var. kikutii f. leuconota H. kikutii var. kikutii H. kikutii var. polyneuron H. kikutii var. tosana H. kikutii var. yakusimensis
H. kiyosumiensis H. laevigata H. longipes f. hypoglauca H. longipes f. sparsa H. longipes f. viridipes H. longipes var. caduca H. longipes var. latifolia longipes Pt1
longipes Pt2 H. longissima var. longifolia H. longissima var. brevifolia H. minor H. montana Pt 1 H. montana Pt 2 H. montana Pt3 f. macrophylla var.ovatolancifolia H. nakaiana
H. nigrescens H. okamotoi H. pachyscapa H. plantaginea var. japonica H. plantaginea H. pulchella H. pycnophylla H. rectifolia var. australis
H. rectifolia var. rectifolia f. pruinosa H. rectifolia, Pt 1 H. rectifolia Pt 2 H. rohdeifolia f. viridis H. rupifraga H. shikokiana H. sieboldiana Part 1 H. sieboldiana Part 2
H. sieboldii Pt 1 H. sieboldii Pt 2 H. sieboldii Pt 3 H. takahashii H. takiensis H. tardiva H. tibae H. tsushimensis
H. ventricosa H. venusta H. yingeri          

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Bumble Bee Visiting Flowers on the Species H. ventricosa at Hosta Hill