Sea Sprite (M Seaver 78)

Photo by Hank Zumach

Sea Sprite (M Seaver 78)

Photo by Carol Brashear

For many years it was assumed that all Sea Sprites carried a virus that showed itself in many leaf spots. I finally sent a couple of leaves from my Sea Sprite to Dr. Lockhart at the University of Minnesota for testing. It turns out that no one had ever had a plant tested. He confirmed that Sea Sprite did not have a virus and that the spots were simply a characteristic of the variety. This information was published in the Hosta Journal.

I have had Sea Sprite since 1994. It took a few years for the spots to become prominent. As you can see, some leaves are completely dominated by the spots which gradually appear over the first few months of the season. I have moved the plant around some and now have it planted in a place that gets mostly dappled sun. It's size has stabilized at about 12x30. The registration size as listed in Lemke's data base is 8x14, so this is another example of confusion about a variety's expected mature size. The plant does need slug protection.

Hank Zumach