Everybody had a great time at First Look 17, and we all got to see some truly exciting new plants from hybridizers, nursery operators, and gardeners alike. Below are a few shots from the meeting to give a look at what happens at First Look other than the Seedling and Sport Competition. Special thanks to Steve Shaw for becoming our official photographer for the meeting as Kathie Sisson took on extra duties for the newest addition of the leaf show and organized all 3 judges clinics.

1-9 Showcasing the leaf show. Including a few of the leaves entered, animated judges in action, the best container entry, and finally 9, Dave Teager's gracillima entry that won Best of Show.

10-16 are some of the judges of the leaf show and FL competition.

10. Mary Arnberg, who also arranged for and was a class instructor.

11. Paula Lehtola who also taught a clinic and organized hospitality and filled soooo many other jobs, there wouldn't have been a First Look without her this year! All while getting her garden ready to be on tour.

12. Dianne Giordano, Leaf Show Chair & Clinic I instructor confers with Missy Kashey, who will co-chair the 2018 AHS convention Hosta Show at Phifty in Phily.

13. Master Judge Carolyn Schaffner expresses her opinion during the First Look finalists deliberations. Jeff Tucker considers her comments and has his own thoughts, no doubt.

14. Master Judge Cathy Felton, also taught Clinic II. And newcomer, Tammy Feuer, earned judging credits by taking all 3 clinics and clerking for the leaf show.

15. Master Judge Mark Zilis, discusses the panels' choices in the First Look Competition. Mark was also the Friday night banquet speaker. Jeff Tucker again lends an ear, so to speak.

16. Wrapping up the judges section are left to right, Mark Zilis, Jeff Tucker ( finally getting to vote), Mary Arnberg, and Jackie Adams, who also served as classification chair for the leaf show.

17-19 A few of the entries for Best Plant in a Pot Unadorned

20.  Missy Kashey wins Best Plant in a Pot Decorated (Theme) with her 'Geisha'. 

21. Harold Cross poses with a VERY serious Jeff Miller as they await the results of the 'Cheese Off' contest in Hostatality. Representatives from Wisconsin (Jeff) and Vermont (Harold) brought their states' finest aged cheddars to settle once and for all which state wore the imaginary Cheddar Crown. Oh the Drama! And, believe it or not, when the voting was done it was a tie! 

22. Steve Greene samples each of the cheese entries before casting his vote, while Tammy Feuer and fellow first time attendee, Jane Bersch, enjoy chatting with new friends in Hostatality.

23. Judy Artley tried to camouflage herself among the hostas but Steve Shaw captures her filling out paperwork of some kind.  Nice try Judy!

24. The FIRST LOOK competition room is always buzzing after ribbons are placed and attendees get their first look at what the judges were impressed with. Here first time attendee and keynote banquet speaker, Jeff Miller chats with Michael Godzik and Crickett Bailey. In the background Andrew Williams spots one of his entries.

25. The vending room is always a great place to gather and here Cindy King helps nursery owners Lynn & Paul Peszynski choose a gem from the Glenbrook Farm table. Lillian Malkus passes behind trying to avoid the Shaw camera capture, while way in the back Dave Teager and Judy Artley chat in front of the Mason Hollow table. Somehow Cochato Nursery avoided being snapped by Shaw Photography, but perhaps it was due to the 10 deep gathering at their sale table!

26. Roger Smith, always the jovial one, is happy to spend his FIRST LOOK vendor bucks for again winning the Big Leaf contest.

27. Dan Pessoni chats with Bill Meyer about something quite serious. Perhaps the joys of a crew cut and being clean-shaven, versus Bill's long locks and mustache?

28. Finally captured on film, the fun and excitement of FIRST LOOK's Hosta Lotta Reeeee. Oh the fun of it all!

Congratulations to all the winners!  And thanks to everyone who attended and volunteered to make First Look 17 a great event!