By   Alttara Scheer


 After a morning spent admiring (and buying! Let's not forget buying!) more hostas in one place then ever before, and perusing all of the up-and-coming seedlings and sports, debating and trying to decide which are the prettiest and most worthy of my vote (an impossible decision to make, really!), it was time to sit down, put up the poor, tired feet, and relax in good company.

 New collectors like myself, nursery owners, TC lab operators, society directors, noted hybridizers...

 How often have you been able to sit down with them all, at once, to talk hosta?

 That's what the Town Meeting at First Look is all about.

 Grab a cup of coffee and a snack, pull up a chair and join us.

 At First Look's first town meeting, there was much hot debate on the merits (or demerits) of BAP, the trials and tribulations of foliar nematodes, and the safety and effectiveness of each of the treatment measures. There was much heated discussion, as well as much congeniality, with a good dose of humor thrown in for good measure. 

 With so many perspectives on each of the subjects, it was possible to walk in with a very limited knowledge base, and walk out feeling like you had a well-rounded base of knowledge, at the very least.

 But, saying it was just about the educational or entertainment value, is to devalue it. I've come to the realization, that a common love bridges many waters, and the opportunity to speak, and listen to others on a subject that we share a passionate interest in, fosters friendships as well.

 I don't know what the topics at the next town meeting will be. I do know that it will feel like a gathering of friends, whether of previous acquaintance, or not, and that it's an occasion not to be missed! So, to put it simply: don't miss it! I'll save you a chair, if you promise to introduce yourself. My name's Alttara, and  I might very well have a division of that hosta you've just been lusting after...what do you have to trade?