We are sorry to say that the First Look 18 meeting has been cancelled because of a number of factors beyond our control.  We'll miss all the wonderful people that have made First Look such a great meeting over the years. Hopefully things will work out better in 2019. 


Last summer's First Look 17 meeting was lots of fun for all and we'd like to thank all our volunteers who helped make it a great meeting for our attendees. We expanded the meeting another day to add the first Regional Leaf Show, which was well participated in. Congratulations to David Teager for winning Best in Show there.

There were fewer than usual plants entered in the Seedling and Sport Competition, but still some very nice ones to see. For the first time the judges and attendees agreed on both the seedling and sport winners.  We congratulate Viktoria Serafin and Bill Meyer, our dual double award winners for 2017! This was Viktoria's first trophies at First Look. See the winners and lots of other entries from the competition and the contests in our Photo Viewer. Click the button at left or just click right HERE.

First Look would like to thank Paula Lehtola for her untiring help in so many areas, Steve Shaw for taking over photography duties, Mary Arnberg for arranging the classes, Dianne Giordano for chairing the first Region One Leaf Show, and garden hosts  Mary Arnberg, Paula Lehtola, Linda McNeilly, and Robin Murray, Also thanks to our class presenters Mary Arnberg, Joan Butler, and Kathi Gariepy. Special thanks also go to Steve and Ruth Greene for help in many areas not the least of which was registration.


Bob Axmear, creator of the HostaLibrary, was lost to us last year. Few had his impact on the hosta world. We also lost the legendary Van Wade, another of the giants who helped hostas become the great plants they are today, and a wonderful person. Bruce Banyai was reunited with his mom Pauline.

Our region mourns the loss of local hosta judge and aficionado Bob Lavigne.  Plantsman Mark Laviana, manager at Sunny Border Nursery and introducer of several hostas also passed.



Bruce Banyai

Bob.Lavigne Mark Laviana