Founding of The American Hosta Society      by W. George Schmid
Frances Williams History Items
Article by Frances Williams

Certificate Given to Frances Williams

Photos of Hosta 'Frances Williams'  in    1938    1955    1963

50th Anniversary of Hosta  'Frances Williams'

Frances Williams' plant list

Tribute to Frances Williams by Alex Summers

Frances Williams Eulogy by Gertrude Wister

Frances Williams Eulogy from Bulletin


Tribute to Mildred Seaver
Alex Summers Award to Mildred Seaver 1988

Mildred Seaver   .  .  .  Cover Girl

Mildred Seaver and son Charlie Seaver at Atlanta Convention 1994

Mildred with Mark Zilis at Ann Arbor Awards Dinner  1999

Mildred holds on to her hat


William and Eleanor Lachman Tribute
The Lachmans on Breeding Hostas

Photo by William Lachman of Hosta 'Celebrity'

Photo by William Lachman of Hosta 'Shadow Waltz'

Photo of Bill and Eleanor at the Iowa Convention

Photo of Bill and Eleanor at home in 1994


            Kevin Vaughn Scientific Articles and Studies

            Chloroplast Mutations in Hosta