Do you grow hostas in pots? Bring us your  big beautiful hosta specimens, which can be entered in whatever pot they are growing in. The winner will most likely be the most spectacular entry, but with attendee voting there is no way to predict the outcome. Plants should be grown in pots, not just dug and stuffed into one, and only one plant per pot. Any hosta can be entered here, and this is the place to show your well-grown examples of the varieties that are not eligible for the Competition.

This contest is for the most creative themed display and can include virtually any hosta and accoutrements. Entries in the past have been remarkable in their cleverness and whimsy. Have fun with this one, and we recommend themed entries as a good way to start. The example here is of Nancy Solberg's prize-winning entry of 'Cracker Crumbs'. Attendees also choose the winner, so you want to catch their eye and make them smile

   We guarantee pretty much any Adam or Eve will be able to find some modesty with these leaves! The contest will have four categories - green, blue, gold, and variegated. Contestants may enter one leaf in each category for a total of four leaves maximum.  Color will be determined by Hosta Finder.
   Grooming or holiness is not an issue here - we want to see the big ones whatever they look like. Contestants will have large buckets to display their leaves with others in the color category. Petiole length will not factor into the final decision and only the leaf size will be measured. This is only for fresh hosta leaves.
   Please pluck responsibly - your hostas will thank you for it!  

   This contest is for those weird and unusual leaves and plants that occasionally turn up in the garden. We've all seen some strange and perplexing things in hostas, and this is the place to share them with friends. Leaves, scapes, or entire plants may be entered. The only rule here is that it must be natural in origin - no gluing leaves together or painting them red! Some truly weird things have turned up here in past contests, and the attendees will decide which one strikes their fancy and is the weirdest of all. Past entries have included very leafy flower scapes, doubled leaves, and even one mostly white leaf that had curled into something very like a calla bloom.
   Way back when we were young we were always told not to play with our food. Nowadays playing with food is cool. Fancy restaurants and TV chefs call it "presentation". Here's your chance to win a prize for playing with food........ er....... we mean for your presentation skills! Craft a fancy hors d'oeuvre with a hosta or First Look theme in either or both the Savory and Sweet Categories and bring it to Hostatality. Our attendees will just have to vote before they can try them.