Competition Rules

1.  All Plants will be entered with a randomly selected code number. No further identification is permitted in the Seedling Category. Sport Category entries must also be marked “Sport of ……..” to be completed with the name of the plant it sported from. If there is uncertainty, but it is known not to be a sport of a qualifying seedling, “Unknown” is acceptable.  

2.  Plant must be at least two divisions, and all divisions must be of the same type. For example, a plant which is two divisions- one all green and one with a margin, may not be entered. Minimal streaking (5%) in a margin or center form is permitted.  

3.  All plants must be entered in an ordinary black plastic pot. This pot cannot have any decorations, markings, lettering, logos, etc. visible. No material other than potting soil, fertilizers, or insecticides may be visible in the pot. Specifically, any decorative material such as pebbles is prohibited.  

4.  No foreign substances may be applied to the plant. This includes dyes, polishes, inks, paints, powders, perfumes, and any other material which may be used to alter the appearance of the plant. Violation of this rule will result in disqualification of all plants entered by the entrant.  

5.  No plants showing evidence of nematodes, viruses, or other plant pests or diseases will be allowed in the Competition Room. 

6.  Flower scapes must be removed if in flower or above the leaves. Plants in bloom can be entered in the display area, not to be judged, if you do not wish to remove the flower scapes.  

7.  No tying, wiring, hoops, stakes or other support may be used to alter the form of a plant. If present they will be removed.  Repair of broken petioles or torn leaves is permitted. If tape is used for this purpose it must be uncolored and transparent. Bonsai techniques are not permitted.  

8.  Entrants are not permitted to “campaign” for their own plants or against others. All plants are to be judged on their own apparent merits. Revealing information such as code numbers, names, parentage, or ownership before judging is completed is a clear attempt to sabotage this process and will not be tolerated.  

9.   Only one of each award will be given. All awards go to the originator in the case of seedlings, or the discoverer in the case of sports. The originator of a seedling is the person who grew the seed, and the discoverer of a sport is the person who found it. Any sports coming from unnamed seedlings are the discovery of the person who found them if the originator of the seedling is different. Sports of unnamed seedlings are to be entered in the seedling category.
     Plants may be entered in someone else’s name. If this is done, any prizes will be awarded to the originator. The person who entered the plant will be considered their representative. All plants must be entered by one person or by two people acting as a team, not by societies or nurseries. 

10.  In the case of a tie by attendee voting, a tie breaking committee will cast its vote to decide the issue. The committee will consist of three members drawn from the following pool in order:  AHS President, Persons the Awards were named for, Region One Director, President of the Host Society, Presidents of other Participating Societies, Meeting Chair, Competition Director. No member of this committee may be personally associated with any of the plants involved.  The American Hosta Society Point Scoring System will be used to break a tie in the two top judge’s awards, should any ties occur.  

11.  All plants winning Best in Class awards must remain on display until the Awards Ceremony is finished. Named Awards will not be announced until that time. If a plant wins one of the Named Awards, it is permanently retired from future entry in the same Competition. If a plant does not win one of the Named Awards, it may be entered in future Competitions providing it continues to meet the entry requirements.  

12.  Sports must have been grown, for at least one season, overwintered and stabilized by the entrant.