Many know John O'Brien from his nursery called O'Brien Nurserymen LLC. John never hybridized, but has a pretty sharp eye for a great hosta. One day looking through some 'White Christmas' plants he had brought into the nursery, he spotted something really unusual about one of them. The plant had decided to sport to a clearly upright form that really gave it a unique look. 

John potted it up and grew it on in a special spot where he keeps his good ones, and visitors always asked about it. He brought it to First Look 11 and it made a Best of Class, but lost a close vote to Dave Chopko's 'Abracadabra' for the sport awards. Undaunted, he returned with it bigger and better and in 2013 captured both the Frances Williams and Kevin Vaughn Awards. 

He named it 'Snow Squall'. 

Congratulations, John!