The Judges huddled and evaluated and huddled and evaluated and after one last huddle, a seedling winner  was chosen. Alttara had been bringing some really fantastic plants for the nine years that First Look has been in operation, and she has had rising success with her plants both in auctions and in the marketplace, and has taken home several First Look Awards to date. This year was her year again as the judges settled on her impressive green as the best seedling out of a huge and high-quality group of entries. We had more seedlings and more entrants than ever before and Alttara's plant shined the brightest in our judges eyes.   

    We asked her about the plant, and here's what she had to say:

    "Mine is an (as yet unnamed) 3 yr old seedling out of the blue that won BOC in 2006, which was a hybrid out of Red Neck Heaven and Reptilian."

Congratulations, Alttara!