Greetings Hosta Lovers and Friends,

Those of us here in Region One Headquarters are working hard to bring everyone a great auction for 2018.  If you've been looking for something different, we are going to do our best to bring it to you, both at the FIRST LOOK meeting and here in the Auction.  When we began, there was only the person who had the idea, myself, and an empty treasury.  We've come a long way since then, and our meetings have been a big success thanks mainly to the generosity of those who donated and those who have been bidding at our auctions. We canít thank all of you enough for that.  

We didnít start out intending to have another auction like this, but it is now a mid-winter event that hosta fans look forward to. We specialize in unique plant material that you often can't get anywhere other than here. we go again!

Iíd like to invite all of you to FIRST LOOK 18 Auction, and I promise you a really good time if you can make it.

If you canít attend FIRST LOOK ,  your support here in this auction is greatly appreciated. The idea of new plant competitions has spread now and other groups and societies are now putting on FIRST LOOK-type competitions! There may eventually be a national competition of the winners of these other competitions. That would certainly be exciting and was the vision of the person who first thought of this idea back in 2000!

I'd like to thank all of you in advance for your generous donations and your support with your spirited bidding and invite you now to participate in our benefit auction at:


Thank You, 

Carol Brashear
Region One Director


Using last year's FIRST LOOK auction as our model, here are the basic guidelines:

1. Individual plant donations will be accepted until the close of auction by Email to:  

 Bill Meyer  and  Carol Brashear    

2. Donors are responsible for shipping plants (U.S. addresses only) or delivering it to the Phifty in Philly AHS Convention or another place where they can meet the winning bidder. Phytosanitary certificates and further shipping costs are the responsibility of the bidder. These must be arranged by you so that donors can easily get their donations to you. Please understand that the latter costs can be in excess of $60.00 US, and it is unreasonable to ask our donors to pay them. 

3. Winning bidders will be notified within one week of close of auction. Please ignore any generic messages sent by the auction software, and refer to the official Auction Results Page we will have posted after the auction. The official notification form will include payment details. Payment will be by check to:  FIRST LOOK or via PAYPAL.

4. Donors will be notified when money has been received from the winning bidder. 

5.  Donors will then contact winning bidders to make arrangements for shipping the plants.

6. Region One/First Look is not responsible for the condition of any plant. In the event that a plant becomes unavailable, money will be returned to the winning bidder.

7. All new seedlings and sports that are donated will remain eligible for the First Look Competition, unless donors offer them for sale before the meeting. Fundraising auctions do not disqualify a plant for the Competition.

8. Donor reserves the right to cancel sale if bidder does not agree to terms set by donor. The second highest bidder will then be offered the item. If a winning bidder cannot pay, the item will be offered to the second-highest bidder.

9. All bidding will close at 10:00:00PM EST on the last day of the auction. At this time the auction will be taken down to stop all bidding. Time of bid will be determined by the timestamp on the auction item. Because of the location of the server, this closing time will read 21:00:00 EST at the auction. No bids timestamped later than that will count. 

IMPORTANT! ---- A timestamp of 21:00:00 on Saturday Feb. 24th, 2018 will be the last bid accepted for any item.  The  close time that shows on each plant will NOT be the closing time for bidding!  All bidding will be closed manually by us at 21:00:00pm EST.   After the close times listed above, please ignore any "You've been outbid" notices that may be automatically generated by the auction software. We will post official results within 1-2 hours after the end of auction.

If you have any questions about this auction see the category called


at the FIRST LOOK auction site.

Let's have a great auction!