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First Look Auction Scarcity Ratings (FLAS)

First Look Auction Scarcity Ratings (FLAS)
Offered By: Firstlook
Current Time: Sat Feb 17 21:33:22 2018
Number of Bids: 0
Last Bid: $1.00


    This year we will again use our scarcity ratings process to try to help collectors in determining how rare the donated items in our auction are. It should be understood that we just don't know for sure how much of every plant that is donated is out there, so we may sometimes be wrong. We will try our best, but please don't hold us to it, and we cannot know what originators will do with their plants in the future. In other words these ratings are just our best guess based on what we hear from donors and elsewhere. This is intended to show the rarity of an item, and is not a comment on its value. Only bidders can determine the value beyond the opening price.

    If a plant is in tissue culture, we will include both OS and TC ratings. Just because a plant has been tissue cultured does not mean there are 20,000 out there. Sometimes they are TCed in small batches of 100 or less. For our purposes here, we will define TC as plants propagated from the original by tissue culture. Sports which come from TCing another plant, like streaked forms, are considered OS if they have not themselves been put into TC. TC does not refer to the size of the plant.

    Look for the scarcity rating in each auction listing. They will look like this - FLAS OS-2 or FLAS TC-4


1 - only in the hands of less than 5 people or so

2 - not available from any nurseries but around some

3 - around and will be carried by one or two specialty nurseries

4 - will be carried by several specialty nurseries

5 - easily obtained from retail sources


1 - Very small limited batch, 100 or less

2 - Carried by a few specialty nurseries, limited numbers

3 - Medium numbers, several nurseries

4 - Large number out there, many nurseries carrying

5 - Very large batches, possibly muliple sources

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