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A taxonomic study of the genus Hosta in Korea
Analysis of essential macro-micro mineral content of twelve hosta taxa
Analysis of the variation in scent components of Hosta flowers by HS-SPME and GC–MS
Anthocyanins of the genus of Hosta and their impacts on tepal colors
Antibacterial and Antioxidant Activities of Megastigmane Glycosides from Hosta plantaginea
Biological Features of Hosta fluctuans F. Maekawa under the Conditions of the Forest-Steppe...
Causes of differences in water use efficiency between Hosta ensata and H. plantaginea Leaves
Chemical constituents and biological activities of genus Hosta (Liliaceae)
Chloroplast Mutants in Hosta
Comparation of injury on leaf adaxial and abaxial sides in Hosta plantaginea induced by ozone
Comparative phylogeographic study of Hosta sieboldiana and Hosta albomarginata...
Effect of Inflorescence Removal on Propagule Formation of Astilbe × arendsii, Hemerocallis...
Effects of Temperature on Seed Germination and Photoperiod on Seedling Growth of Hosta...
Elaioplasten fehlen den Schliesszellen von Hosta plantaginea
First synthesis of (±)-hostasolide A
Growth, flowering and leaf character variation of hosta
Hierarchical cluster, euclidean distance and principal component analysis based on phenotypic...
Indirect measurement of gene flow in Hoast capitata (Liliaceae)
Kaempferol glycosides from Hosta ventricosa
Lupine (Lupinus polyphyllus) Flowering Response to Photoperiod and Hosta Response to Florel...
Morphological Responses of Korean Native Plant Hosta longipes to Heavy Metals Cd, Pb, and Zn
Proteomic Analysis Reveals the Leaf Color Regulation Mechanism in Chimera Hosta “Gold...
Protoplast fusion and organ culture in the genus Hosta (liliaceae)
Research progress of Hosta plants  [2010]
Seasonal Variation in Composition and Total Load of Leaf Blade Epicuticular Waxes on Hosta
Seasonal Variation in Cuticular Waxes on Hosta Genotypes Differing in Leaf Surface...
Seed storage longevity of Hosta sieboldiana (Asparagaceae)
Spatial genetic structure among Korean populations of Hosta minor and H. capitata (Liliaceae)
Studies on Diversities of Leaf Characteristics for Hosta Cultivars
Study of native Hosta species on Shikoku Island, Japan
The effects of local variation in light availability on pollinator visitation, pollen and resource...
The Impacts of Light Levels on Growth and Ornamental Characteristics of Hosta
The relative importance of architecture and resource competition in allocation to pollen and ovule...
A Protocol for Assessing Resistance to Aphelenchoides fragariae in Hosta Cultivars
Characterization and seed transmission of Hosta virus X isolated from Hosta plants
Characterization of a Potexvirus Infecting Hosta spp.
Development of an RT-PCR/RFLP assay to detect Hosta virus X in hosta (Hosta spp.)
Development of reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay for sensitive...
Differential response of hosta cultivars to infection by hosta virus X potexvirus - A basis for...
Effectiveness of a Hot Water Drench for the Control of Foliar Nematodes Aphelenchoides...
Endophytic bacterium, Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, enhances ornamental hosta resistance to diseases...
First Report of Brown Leaf Spot Caused by Fusarium avenaceum on Hosta ( Hosta ‘Undulata...
Infection Behavior and Overwintering Survival of Foliar Nematodes, Aphelenchoides fragariae...
Influence of the entomopathogenic nematode Steinernema carpocapsae infected host cadavers...
Overwinter survival of Sclerotium rolfsii and S. rolfsii var.delphinii, screening hosta for resistance...
Viruses Occurring in Hosta Spp. in the USA
An Investigation of the Plant Hosta fortunei 'Aureo Maculata' (‘Albopicta’) to Find Rapid Methods...
Ancymidol Increases In Vitro Multiplication Rate of Hosta in Liquid Media
BA Application Promotes Offset Formation in Hosta Cultivars
BA Application Timing Following Division Affects Offset Formation in Hosta
BA Does Not Reduce Detrimental Effects of High Nighttime Temperature on Offset Formation...
BA-Induced Offset Formation in Hosta
Benzyladenine Improves Summer Quality of Hosta
Benzyladenine-induced Offset Formation in Hosta Dependent on Cultivar
Carbohydrate Status and Post Storage Recovery of Micropropagated Hosta Plantlets Stored at...
Chilling Effects on Shoot Emergence and Subsequent Growth in Hosta
Effect of fertilization through geocomposite on nutritional status of Hosta ‘halcyon’ plants grown in...
Effect of light on vase life of Hosta leaves
Effect of Plant Growth Regulators on Propagule Formation in Hemerocallis spp. and Hosta spp.
Hosta: A Plant for Flower Arrangement
Hosta shoot enhancement with benzyladenine sprays and drenches
In Vitro Micropropagation of Selected Cultivars of Hosta
In vitro Multiplication of Hosta plantaginea ‘Joseon’ by Shoot-tip Culture
In Vitro Propagation and study of the Epidermis of Hosta Fortunei
In Vitro Propagation of Hosta Using Cultured Shoot Tips and Somaclonal Variability of Regenerants
In Vitro Shoot Regeneration from Different Explants of Hosta sieboldiana cv. Gold Standard
New Hostas From Seeds
Offset Stage of Development Affects Hosta Propagation by Stem Cutting
Presence of Offsets Reduces Hosta's Response to Benzyladenine
Sequential BA Applications Enhance Offset Formation in Hosta
Shoot Regeneration from Ovaries of Various Cultivars of Hosta
Shoots Multiplication and Rooting of Hosta sieboldiana cv. Gold Standard Using Cultured Shoot Tips
The Effect of BION® (Benzothiadiazole) on Multiplication and Rooting of Hosta Cultivars
The Effectiveness of Antioxidants in the control of Senescence of Cut Leaves of Hosta Minima Glauca
Time Course Study of Ancymidol for Micropropagation of Hosta in a Liquid Culture System
Unusual Hosta Propagation Techniques
Breeding, Cultivars, Rootstocks, and Germplasm Resources Randomly Amplified Polymorphic DNA...
Clonal and Fine-scale Genetic Structure in Populations of a Restricted Korean Endemic, Hosta jonesii...
Effects of chloroplast dysfunction on mitochondria: white sectors in variegated leaves have higher...
Isolation and characterization of microsatellite markers from the hosta species Hosta albomarginata...
Origins of Hosta Cultivars Based on Sequence Variations in Chloroplast DNA
Randomly Amplified Polymorphic DNA Analysis in the Genus Hosta
RAPD marker assisted evaluation of chloroplast DNA variation in twelve hosta taxa (Hosta spp.)
Study on inter-taxon population structure and diversity variation of hosta inferring from trnG-trnS...
The complete chloroplast genome sequence of Hosta capitata (Koidz.) Nakai (Asparagaceae)
The complete chloroplast genome of a Korean endemic ornamental plant Hosta yingeri S. B. Jones
Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities of flavonoids from the flowers of Hosta plantaginea
Influence of hosta tincture on citolysis cellular membrane indicators in rats affected by...
Steroidal constituents from the leaves of Hosta longipes and their inhibitory effects on nitric oxide...
Steroidal glycosides from the underground parts of Hosta plantaginea var. japonica and their...
Steroidal saponins from Hosta longipes and their inhibitory activity on tumour promoter-induced...
Steroidal saponins from the rhizomes of Hosta sieboldii and their cytostatic activity on HL-60 cells
Studies on the steroidal components of domestic plants—XLVI : Constituents of hosta species
Study of acute toxicity of the tincture of lance-leaved hosta
Study of anti-inflammatory activity of tincture and hosta lancifolia leaves extract
Systemic contact dermatitis induced by roots of Hosta plantaginea
The bioassay-guided isolation of antifungal saponins from Hosta plantaginea leaves